Home remedies for stomach ache

Stomach aches can be cause of many symptoms such as gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD or indigestion. While some tummy aches are bearable sometimes it can escalate and get a whole lot worse, if you are unwilling to take any medicines to stop it. However, if you dislike taking medicines, there are alternate remedies which you can administer at home with natural ingredients.

So here are 7 natural home remedies to treat stomach ache

Drink a Glass of Rice Water

home-remedies-for-stomach-ache2Rice water drained from cooked rice is an excellent demulcent that soothes the stomach from within by forming a protective inner barrier which relieves inflammation. The pain ultimately lessens and disappears in some time.

It is simple to prepare rice water because you need to just drain the water that gets left-over after the rice has finished boiling.

Warm Lemon Water

Lemon water is a good remedy for stomach ache arising from indigestion. Lemon contains high levels of nutritional acids which stimulate hydrochloric acid production within the stomach to aid in the break-down and digestion of any undigested food. Lemon hydrates the body and smoothens the flow of the food in the stomach thus relieving pain caused from the clogging up of undigested food in the stomach.

Mint Leaves

Peppermint tea like chamomile tea and ginger root tea also relaxes the stomach muscles. Along with being a soothing muscle relaxant it eases the bile flow that helps in digestion.  It is especially beneficial when you are experiencing pain from bloating or gas. To prepare a tea, just mix a handful of fresh peppermint leaves to a cup of hot water, boil it and then let it seep in for five to ten minutes. Another way is to use a peppermint tea bag if you happen to have it at home.

Chew on Fennel Seeds

home-remedies-for-stomach-ache3Fennel Seeds are particularly good for soothing stomach aches brought about by indigestion. Fennel contains anethole, a chemical substance that is essentially a volatile oil which stimulates the secretion of digestive fluids to help resolve the problem of indigestion. It also controls and reduces inflammation caused by gastritis, thus doing away with the discomfort from an inflamed/bloated stomach. It would be best to chew on some raw fennel seeds (around a teaspoon full) after a meal.Club Soda and Lime

Carbonated drinks such as club soda when combined with lime can really help you relieve yourself from a stomach ache. It helps you burp which reduces digestive pressure on the stomach. This even applies to constipation and dyspepsia, where your stomach is under constant pressure simply craving for comfort. The carbonated drink and acidic fluid of the lime makes digestion easy and destroys any harmful bacterial substances. Drink a glass of Lime soda to get a healthy dose of beneficial substances to reduce stomach ache.

 A Hot Pack

Using a hot pack or hot water bottle to reduce your stomach pain can be very effective. External heat applied to the stomach relaxes the taut internal muscles. This reduces the cramp and soothes the stomach. The pack or water in the bottle should be warm but not so warm that it burns your skin. At the right temperature place it on your stomach while lying down. Reheat the pack or bottle if it has cooled down and continue till your stomach ache disappears.

 Drink Ginger Root Tea


Ginger consists of gingerol and shogaols which relax the smooth muscle lining of the intestinal tracks within the abdomen. This relieves nausea, cramps and various forms of stomach aches. Prepare a warm cup of ginger root tea using hot water, one freshly peeled ginger root and a teaspoon of honey if you want it to be sweet. Boil it for around three minutes and then let it simmer for two more minutes. Finally sit back, relax and slowly drink the tea.