Home remedies for croup

Croup is a disease infecting the upper airway causing obstruction in breathing which results in a kind of barking cough. It is especially affects children the most. Croup isn’t an air-borne nor a water-borne disease and hence not contagious. Croup can begin as a simple virus infection or even from a common cold and in rare cases from a bacterial infection. Its symptoms include swelling of the vocal chords, bronchial tubes and the windpipe, which causes the barking cough (that may sound like a seal barking).

Another of its symptom includes a high pitched whistling sound heard on the breath, termed “Stridor”. Croup as mentioned earlier is common in little children but it stops once they reach middle-elementary school age.

Natural Remedies to treat Croup at Home 

home-remedies-for-croupBreathing cold air is distinctively the most common natural method to treat croup. For those in warmer climates consider opening the freezer part of your refrigerator and standing in front of it to breathe the cold air coming from it.

Steam treatment: is another similar potential method of treatment. Inhaling steam or hot vapor is a really effective natural remedy when combined with immediate inhaling of cold air.

Essential oils: are known to be very effective in curing any respiratory infection. Rubbing these oils on the chest and neck area near the vocal chords and combining it with the steam treatment is an exceptionally good remedy for croup. Warm compress with the essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint oil mixed with carrier oil is another way of treatment by oils.

Popsicles: mainly homemade popsicles without any sugar (zero sugar content) is a proposed home remedy for croups as it directly cools the throat. Using children’s ibuprofen to minimize inflammation at night may not be a natural method but it is surely better than steroid treatment.

Children with croup should be calmed down. Crying makes croup worse. 

home-remedies-for-croup2Remember to always keep your child calm because crying can only make the coughing worse. Do whatever it takes to keep your child’s mind of the coughing, be it distracting him/her with the TV or some other sort of distraction. Also to stop the coughing you can raise your child up by using extra pillows to prop him up slightly and instruct them to slowly breathe in through their nostrils and exhale through their mouth. This will control the spasms that cause the coughing.

There are various syrups, soups and mixes which are popular home remedies for croup. Here are some:

Chamomile tea and lemon

A concoction created from mixing water, lemon juice, and chamomile tea and lemon juice together and given to the child to drink is extremely helpful in remedying croups.

Elderberry syrup is excellent for croup

Elderberry syrup dries up the congestion and boosts immunity. Similasan syrup and bone broth are also other good remedies. Lobelia and mullein is the top herb extracts used to treat asthma and breathing problems.

Mustard plaster is an excellent remedy for croup

home-remedies-for-croup3A mustard plaster is known to be very good for croup. To make it use one teaspoon of dry mustard powder and mix it with ¼ cup of flour and melted coconut oil that would be sufficient enough to make a paste. Spread it on a bandana and carefully tie it around the throat. Note that you should tie the paste in such a way in the bandana that it doesn’t come in contact with your child’s skin. If you notice that your child’s skin is turning red, simply remove the bandana. Although a little redness indicates that your child’s neck is being heated and kept warm which is pretty normal.